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Table of Contents

Chapter: Understanding Foundations of Functional Programming

The Course Overview

05m 53s

The Unbreakable Function

18m 7s

Thinking of Functions in Terms of Their Return Values

12m 32s

How to Identify and Encapsulate Impurities within Our Programs

12m 56s

Chapter: Abstracting Language Constructs with Higher-Order Functions

Promoting Reusability with Higher-Order Functions

18m 51s

Replacing Loops with Higher-Order Functions

08m 18s

A Better Way to Map and Filter

10m 10s

Reasoning with Reduce

11m 46s

Rendering UI Components with Higher-Order Functions

14m 41s

Chapter: Partial Application and Currying

What Partial Application and Curry Mean?

10m 27s

Improving Higher-Order Functions with Partial Application

09m 14s

Writing a Utility to Curry Functions

14m 44s

Combining Map, Filter, and Reduce with Curried Functions

15m 48s

Chapter: Working with Data and Stateless Components

Understanding Mutable and Immutable Data

16m 24s

Simplifying Immutability Using Lenses

13m 53s

Rendering Our Data into the DOM

14m 57s

Using JSX and Virtual-DOM for Readability and Performance

20m 10s