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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing Cognos Business Intelligence

The Course Overview

02m 49s

The Four Steps to Report Development

04m 42s

Navigating Cognos Connection

06m 39s

Changing Your Pref-erences

05m 2s

Chapter: Running Reports

Report Management

03m 28s

Portal Tabs

03m 52s

Running Reports

03m 52s

Report Views

04m 25s

Scheduling Reports

04m 54s

Chapter: Introduction to Workspace Advanced

Navigating Workspace Advanced

04m 51s

Selecting a Package

02m 32s

Adding Data

03m 44s

Adding Filters

03m 8s

Grouping Data

03m 29s

Custom Fields

03m 29s


04m 23s

Exporting Data

03m 55s