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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

02m 39s

Downloading Xcode

02m 1s

Opening Xcode

02m 1s

Chapter: Xcode Tour

Xcode Tour - Playgrounds

07m 10s

Xcode Projects

08m 39s

Chapter: Your First App

Starting Our App

07m 11s

The Storyboard

05m 43s

Connecting Storyboards and Code

15m 50s

Chapter: Swift Fundamentals

Variables and Constants

09m 59s

Strings and Integers

08m 27s

Comments and Print

07m 45s

Booleans and If Statement

06m 59s

Tip Calculations

08m 33s

Chapter: Creating a Tip Calculator

Building the Visual

07m 22s

Outlets and Actions

08m 23s

Creating Doubles from TextFields

08m 52s

Updating the Labels

10m 2s