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Table of Contents

Chapter: Writing Big Data Processing Using Apache Spark

The Course Overview

01m 37s

Overview of the Apache Spark and Its Architecture

11m 29s

Start a Project Using Apache Spark, Look at build.sbt

03m 32s

Creating the Spark Context

07m 0s

Looking at API of Spark

07m 34s

Chapter: Data Mining and Data Cleaning

Looking at the Input Data Structure

04m 42s

Using RDD API in the Data Mining Process

04m 23s

Loading Input Data

04m 42s

Cleaning Input Data

07m 44s

Chapter: Writing Job Logic

Logic for Counting Words

07m 37s

Using RDD API Transformations and Actions to Solve a Problem

10m 23s

Testing Spark Job

09m 38s

Summary of Data Processing

04m 20s