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Table of Contents

Chapter: Transforming Images with Morphological Operations

The Course Overview

02m 16s

Eroding and Dilating Images Using Morphological Filters

04m 14s

Opening and Closing Images Using Morphological Filters

02m 25s

Applying Morphological Operators on Gray-Level Images

02m 56s

Segmenting Images Using Watersheds

05m 5s

Extracting Distinctive Regions Using MSER

06m 17s

Chapter: Filtering the Images

Filtering Images Using Low-Pass Filters

03m 37s

Downsampling Images with Filters

06m 23s

Filtering Images Using a Median Filter

02m 32s

Applying Directional Filters to Detect Edges

06m 45s

Computing the Laplacian of an Image

05m 48s

Chapter: Extracting Lines, Contours, and Components

Detecting Image Contours with the Canny Operator

04m 14s

Detecting Lines in Images with the Hough Transform

10m 20s

Fitting a Line to a Set of Points

02m 40s

Extracting Connected Components

04m 57s

Computing Components' Shape Descriptors

07m 3s