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Table of Contents

Chapter: Starting with Spring Boot

The Course Overview

02m 24s

Setting Up a Developer Environment

03m 8s

Creating a Spring Boot Project

02m 59s

Running with Spring Boot

04m 34s

Chapter: Diving into Spring Boot

Configuration and Properties

05m 38s

Developer Tools, Debugging, and Hot Swapping

05m 28s

Spring Boot Actuator

05m 13s

Logging in Spring

03m 26s

Chapter: Spring Boot Web Applications

Spring MVC

04m 19s

REST Documentation with Spring REST Docs and Swagger

04m 27s

Templating with Thymeleaf

03m 48s

Reactive Web

06m 16s

Embedded Servlet Containers

05m 46s

Serialization with Apache Avro, Protocol Buffer, and Thrift

05m 24s

Chapter: Spring Data

Spring Data JPA and MySQL

06m 58s

Spring Data REST

02m 39s

NoSQL with Spring Data Cassandra and Spring Data Mongo

04m 58s

Spring Data Reactive

04m 33s

Caching with In-Memory and Redis

04m 55s

Chapter: Security


07m 25s


04m 39s