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Table of Contents

Chapter: S3 and CloudFront

The Course Overview

02m 25s

Introduction to S3

08m 38s

Creating an S3 Bucket through the Control

06m 10s

S3 Storage Options

06m 17s

S3 Version Control

17m 31s

LifeCycling with S3 and Glacier

08m 34s

Getting Data into AWS – Snowball and Transfer Acceleration

13m 0s

Introduction to CloudFront

20m 54s

CORS, Bucket Policies, ACLs, and Encryption

13m 12s

Chapter: EC2

Introduction to EC2, Instance Types, and the EC2 CLI

21m 33s

Creating EC2 Instances and Connecting to Them

21m 40s

Using Roles with EC2

10m 16s

How to Access EC2 Metadata and What It’s Useful for?

06m 42s

Introduction to Security Groups

04m 47s

Installing Python and PIP on Your EC2 Instance

10m 26s

Introduction to the Elastic Load Balancer

09m 35s

Chapter: Monitoring

CloudWatch Alarms and Logs

10m 6s

Trusted Advisor

06m 9s


07m 0s