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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

The Course Overview

02m 12s

Understanding Cluster, Node and It's Services

05m 41s

Managing Data

02m 47s

Understanding Cluster, Replication, and Sharding

02m 38s

Communicating with Elasticsearch

03m 6s

Chapter: Downloading and Setting up

Downloading and Installing Elasticsearch

04m 49s

Setting Up Networking

03m 32s

Setting Up a Node

01m 21s

Setting Up Different Node Types

04m 8s

Installing and Removing Plugins

04m 14s

Changing Logging Settings

01m 35s

Setting Up a Node Via Docker

03m 5s

Chapter: Managing Mappings

Using Explicit Mapping Creation

04m 27s

Mapping Base Types, Arrays, and Object

03m 20s

Mapping a Document and Using Dynamic Templates

03m 48s

Managing Nested Objects, Child Document, and Multiple Mapping

04m 58s

Mapping GeoPoint Field and GeoShape Field

03m 15s

Mapping IP Field and Attachment Field

03m 24s

Adding Metadata, Specifying Analyzer and Mapping Completion Field

05m 9s

Chapter: Basic Operations

Creating, Deleting, and Opening/Closing an Index

05m 12s

Putting and Getting a Mapping

03m 17s

Reindexing, Refreshing, and Flushing

05m 31s

Force Merge and Shrinking an Index

06m 51s

Managing Index Settings and Using Index Aliases

06m 10s

Indexing and Getting a Document

04m 57s

Deleting and Updating a Document

04m 22s