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Table of Contents

Chapter: Playing with Images

The Course Overview

03m 2s

Installing the OpenCV Library

11m 52s

Loading, Displaying, and Saving Images

11m 35s

Exploring the cv::Mat Data Structure

08m 29s

Defining Regions of Interest

04m 40s

Chapter: Manipulating Pixels

Accessing Pixel Values

05m 48s

Scanning an Image with Pointers

09m 25s

Scanning an Image with Iterators

04m 52s

Writing Efficient Image-Scanning Loops

03m 41s

Scanning an Image with Neighbor Access

05m 21s

Performing Simple Image Arithmetic

04m 46s

Remapping an Image

03m 5s

Chapter: Processing the Colors of an Image

Comparing Colors Using the Strategy Design Pattern

16m 3s

Segmenting an Image with the GrabCut Algorithm

05m 50s

Converting Color Representations

05m 18s

Representing Colors with Hue, Saturation, and Brightness

09m 56s

Chapter: Counting the Pixels with Histograms

Computing an Image Histogram

08m 16s

Applying Look-Up Tables to Modify the Image's Appearance

04m 54s

Equalizing the Image Histogram

03m 24s

Backprojecting a Histogram to Detect Specific Image Content

05m 12s

Using the Mean Shift Algorithm to Find an Object

05m 14s

Retrieving Similar Images Using Histogram Comparison

04m 8s

Counting Pixels with Integral Images

12m 21s