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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to UX Design

The Course Overview

02m 54s

Why UX – What Is It? Why It Matters Today?

07m 4s

Types of UXers – List of Roles in UX

09m 15s

UX Role in Software and Interface Design

10m 21s

Chapter: UX Design Process – Double Diamond Thinking

UX and Design Thinking

05m 14s

Human Centered Observation

05m 56s

Quantitative and Qualitative Observations

05m 30s

Primary Research and Secondary Research

05m 15s


07m 33s

Problem Statement and KPIs

04m 50s

Ideation and Brainstorming

07m 43s

UX Scenarios

04m 41s

Wireframes and Prototypes

06m 42s

Delivery Overview

03m 25s

User Flow Prototypes

04m 56s

Testing and Iteration

04m 27s

Deploying and Scaling

05m 4s

Review Total Process

05m 11s

Chapter: UX Design and Agile Development

UX and SaaS (Software as a Service)

04m 34s

Agile Development Ethos

06m 50s

Agile UX and Agile Development

05m 13s

User Hypothesis and Testing

07m 46s

Iteration Ethos through Prototyping

10m 20s

Chapter: UX Design Future

UX and Service Design

07m 53s

UX Design and Application Development

10m 3s

UX and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

08m 58s

UX and Artificial Intelligence

06m 48s

UX and Education

09m 56s