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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting Up the Environment

The Course Overview

03m 45s

Downloading the Competition Dataset

03m 53s

Installing Spark Notebook

13m 29s

Chapter: Loading the Data

Spark Abstractions: RDD, DataFrame

07m 48s

Loading CSV data into DataFrame

12m 41s

Chapter: Exploratory Data Analysis

Different types of Widgets Supported for Spark Notebook for DataFrame Visualization

10m 49s

Statistical Functions Supported by Spark

15m 43s

Chapter: Data Processing in Spark

Operations on DataFrame

12m 53s

Feature Transformers

13m 10s

Feature Selectors

05m 21s

Chapter: Machine Learning in Spark with House Prices


08m 32s

Algorithms: Linear Regression and Regression Trees

17m 21s