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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Team Foundation Server

The Course Overview

03m 32s

What Is Microsoft ALM?

04m 28s

What Is TFS?

03m 38s

The Benefits of Using TFS

10m 17s

The Difference between TFS and VSTS

08m 3s

Introducing the New Features of the Latest Version - TFS 2017

02m 40s

Where Does Visual Studio Fit into TFS

09m 21s

Chapter: TFS Setup and Configuration

Introduction to Team Projects

11m 33s

Introducing Process Templates

08m 30s

Understanding Team Project Collections

11m 20s

Chapter: An Overview of TFS Components

Introducing Agile Planning Tools

28m 10s

Introducing to Developer Tools

19m 7s

Introduction to Source Control

16m 7s

Introduction to Testing in TFS

12m 48s

Introducing to TFS Build

12m 32s

Introduction to Release Management

08m 52s