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Table of Contents

Chapter: Google App Engine for Java

The Course Overview

04m 24s

Google App Engine for Java (GAE/J)

07m 6s

What Is GAE/J?

06m 55s

Why Use It?

07m 39s

How Can I Get It?

08m 37s

How Do I Use it? and Section Summary

09m 11s

Chapter: Developing with Cloud9 and GAE/J

Features and Benefits of Cloud9

08m 27s

How Do These Services Fit Together?

06m 13s

Why Use These Services Together?

07m 0s

Full Life Cycle… Really? and Section Summary

07m 27s

Chapter: App Engine and the Google Cloud Platform

App Engine within GCP

10m 10s

Scaling the App Engine

06m 3s

Provisioning and Resource Usage

05m 57s

GCP Resource Integration

11m 10s

Chapter: App Engine Mechanics

Instance Lifecycles on App Engine

09m 40s

App Engine Services

06m 26s

The Google Cloud Datastore

07m 19s

Cloud Endpoints

10m 3s

Chapter: Hands On: Developing for App Engine

GCP/Cloud9 Integration

04m 14s

A Java App Engine Application

03m 20s

Developing for the Datastore

05m 33s

Implementing Cloud Endpoints

07m 3s

Application Deployment

08m 25s

Chapter: Integrating App Engine Features

Implementing MemCache

14m 37s

Understanding Task Queues

11m 34s

Authentication on App Engine

11m 32s

Versioning Application Instances

07m 30s

Course Summary

03m 29s