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Table of Contents

Chapter: The user interface

The Course Overview

02m 31s

The start page

04m 44s

The Main Interface

10m 53s

Customizing your workspace

06m 43s

Chapter: Resources and what they do

Rooms, Sprites, Tilesets

03m 11s

Sounds, Fonts and Objects

05m 25s

Scripts, Shaders and Timelines

02m 33s

Paths, Included Files, Extensions and Notes

03m 18s

Chapter: Resource Management

Naming conventions and their purpose

02m 50s


04m 2s

Importing and exporting resources

02m 36s

Chapter: The Sprite Editor

Main Interface

08m 41s

Basics of Drawing

03m 57s

Advanced Drawing Tools

03m 1s

Chapter: Objects

Main object interface

04m 54s


02m 58s


02m 11s

Physics Options

04m 56s

Chapter: The Room Editor

Main interface

04m 21s


07m 11s

Adding Assets to Rooms

04m 12s

Chapter: The Tile Editor

Main Interface

04m 48s

Tile Importing and setup

05m 46s

Tile Brushes

02m 40s

Auto Tiling

04m 48s