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Table of Contents

Chapter: The Anaconda Distribution and the Jupyter Notebook

The Course Overview

04m 25s

The Anaconda Distribution

07m 43s

Introduction to the Jupyter Notebook

09m 51s

Using the Jupyter Notebook

11m 49s

Chapter: Vectorizing Operations with NumPy

NumPy: Python’s Vectorization Solution

07m 48s

NumPy Arrays: Creation, Methods and Attributes

23m 23s

Using NumPy for Simulations

11m 58s

Chapter: Pandas: Everyone’s Favorite Data Analysis Library

The Pandas Library

14m 9s

Main Properties, Operations and Manipulations

13m 36s

Answering Simple Questions about a Dataset – Part 1

11m 46s

Answering Simple Questions about a Dataset – Part 2

15m 56s

Chapter: Visualization and Exploratory Data Analysis

Basics of Matplotlib

07m 0s


10m 22s

The Object Oriented Interface

09m 6s

Common Customizations

11m 48s

EDA with Seaborn and Pandas

09m 12s

Analysing Variables Individually

17m 22s

Relationships between Variables

15m 20s

Chapter: Statistical Computing with Python

SciPy and the statistics Sub-Package

04m 1s

Alcohol Consumption – Confidence Intervals and Probability Calculations

10m 37s

Hypothesis Testing – Does Alcohol Consumption Affect Academic Performance?

08m 7s

Hypothesis Testing – Do Male Teenagers Drink More Than Females?

05m 22s

Chapter: Introduction to Predictive Analytics Models

Introduction to Predictive Analytics Models

06m 11s

The Scikit-Learn Library – Building a Simple Predictive Model

06m 41s

Classification – Predicting the Drinking Habits of Teenagers

08m 18s

Regression – Predicting House Prices

08m 7s