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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2016

The Course Overview

04m 2s

Introducing Windows Server 2016

04m 9s

Configuring Windows Server 2016

03m 9s

Installing Active Directory Domain Controller

03m 51s

Certificate Services - Standalone Root CA

07m 3s

Chapter: Configuring Hyper-V

Configuring Hyper-V Host Servers

01m 53s

Configuring Hyper-V Storage

04m 52s

Configuring Hyper-V Networking

01m 58s

Configuring Hyper-V Virtual Machines

02m 37s

Chapter: Deploying Active Directory Domain Controllers

Creating a Backup Domain Controller from Scratch

04m 53s

Implementing Service Accounts for Applications

03m 27s

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

03m 4s

Integrating AD DS with Azure Active Directory

04m 31s

Chapter: Implementing Active Directory Federation Services

ADFS Setup Environment with Domains and Clients

04m 44s

ADFS Prerequisites for Deployment of ADFS

08m 22s

ADFS Installation for a Single Organization

08m 28s

Implementing ADFS Web Application Proxy

07m 54s

Introduction to ADFS and Azure

04m 55s