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Table of Contents

Chapter: Bridging Functional Programming Theory and Practice

The Course Overview

04m 7s

Functors in JavaScript

08m 43s


07m 5s

Chapter: Asynchronous Code and Promises in Depth

Escaping the Pyramid of Doom

09m 50s

ES6 Promises and Functional Programming

14m 10s

Asynchronous Functional Programming with ES6 Generator Functions

10m 57s

Functional Programming with Async-Await

07m 16s

Chapter: Lazy Evaluation

What Is Lazy Evaluation?

10m 29s

Using ES6 Generator Functions for Evaluating Lazy Sequences

09m 21s

Chapter: Implementing a Web Application Using Functional Programming


04m 41s

Weather App

04m 22s

Application Setup

06m 5s

Bottom-Up Design Using Test Driven Development

12m 31s

Bottom-Up Design and TDD (Continued) –Parsing the Response

06m 41s

Handling Timezones

15m 19s

Getting Weather Data with Promises and Async-Await

11m 52s

Rendering the Weather App

06m 50s

Course Summary and Next Steps

05m 49s