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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Set Up

The Course Overview

02m 54s

Opening an AWS Account

02m 44s

The Free Tier

01m 43s

The Management Console

02m 25s

AWS Command Line Tools

03m 26s

Chapter: Granting User Access

The Master Account

06m 45s

Identity and Access Management

09m 11s

Using the AWS CLI

05m 36s

Chapter: Granting Permissions without Creating Users

IAM Roles

05m 25s

Instance and Service Roles

05m 19s

Identity Federation

05m 59s

Chapter: Logging and Monitoring

Logging AWS Activity

04m 52s

Real-Time Monitoring

04m 41s

Access Logging

05m 25s

Chapter: Cloud Deployments

Infrastructure as Code

07m 34s

AMIs and Bootstrapping

05m 29s

Application Deployment

05m 54s

Chapter: Protecting Your Assets

Protecting Data in Transit

05m 20s

Encrypting Data at Rest

05m 23s

Protecting Your Applications

07m 24s