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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Electron

The Course Overview

05m 33s

What is Electron?

07m 14s

Why Would You Like to Develop an Electron Application?

06m 3s

How Electron Development Differs from Traditional SPAs

05m 59s

Electron Hello World

08m 0s

Chapter: Electron GUI Components

Electron Browser Windows

07m 1s

Children Windows

07m 6s

Electron Dialogs

09m 32s

Electron Menus

07m 9s

Electron Tray

02m 33s

Electron Notifications

01m 32s

Window Progress Bars

01m 24s

Chapter: Desktop Integration

Desktop Specific Styles

08m 1s

File Protocols

05m 10s


06m 39s


03m 57s


06m 5s

Keyboard Shortcuts

03m 45s

Storing Settings and Misc Files

04m 9s

Chapter: Testing Electron Applications

Unit Testing with Electron-Mocha

07m 39s

Integration Testing with Spectron

05m 34s

Set Up a Cross Platform Manual Testing Environment

05m 32s

Electron Crash Reporter

05m 1s

Introduction to Electron DevTools

05m 50s

Chapter: Electron In-Depth

The Electron Architecture

05m 36s

The Electron IPC

04m 39s

Electron vs NW.js

04m 21s

How to Build Electron

05m 14s