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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Views

    The Window and Root View

    Experimenting with Views

    Subview and Superview

    Visibility and Opacity


    Bounds and Center


    The View Environment


    Configuring Layout in the Nib

    Xcode View Features

    Layout Events

  2. Chapter 2 Drawing

    Images and Image Views

    Graphics Contexts

    UIImage Drawing

    CGImage Drawing


    CIFilter and CIImage

    Blur and Vibrancy Views

    Drawing a UIView

    Graphics Context Commands

    Points and Pixels

    Content Mode

  3. Chapter 3 Layers

    View and Layer

    Layers and Sublayers

    Layer and Delegate

    Layout of Layers

    Drawing in a Layer


    Further Layer Features

    Layer Efficiency

    Layers and Key–Value Coding

  4. Chapter 4 Animation

    Drawing, Animation, and Threading

    Image View and Image Animation

    View Animation

    Implicit Layer Animation

    Core Animation


    Emitter Layers

    CIFilter Transitions

    UIKit Dynamics

    Motion Effects

    Animation and Layout

  5. Chapter 5 Touches

    Touch Events and Views

    Receiving Touches

    Restricting Touches

    Interpreting Touches

    Gesture Recognizers

    3D Touch Press Gesture

    Touch Delivery


    Initial Touch Event Delivery

    Gesture Recognizer and View

    Touch Exclusion Logic

    Gesture Recognition Logic

  6. Chapter 6 View Controllers

    View Controller Responsibilities

    View Controller Hierarchy

    View Controller Creation

    How a View Controller Obtains Its View

    How Storyboards Work

    View Resizing


    View Controller Manual Layout

    Presented View Controller

    Tab Bar Controller

    Navigation Controller

    Custom Transition

    Page View Controller

    Container View Controllers

    Peek and Pop


    View Controller Lifetime Events

    View Controller Memory Management

    State Restoration

  7. Chapter 7 Scroll Views

    Content Size

    Creating a Scroll View in Code

    Scroll View in a Nib

    Content Inset



    Scroll View Delegate

    Scroll View Touches

    Floating Scroll View Subviews

    Scroll View Performance

  8. Chapter 8 Table Views and Collection Views

    Table View Controller

    Table View Cells

    Table View Data

    Table View Sections

    Refreshing a Table View

    Variable Row Heights

    Table View Selection

    Table View Scrolling and Layout

    Table View State Restoration

    Table View Searching

    Table View Editing

    Table View Menus

    Collection Views

    Collection View Classes

    Using a Collection View

    Custom Collection View Layouts

    Switching Layouts

    Collection Views and UIKit Dynamics

  9. Chapter 9 iPad Interface


    Split Views

    iPad Multitasking

    Drag and Drop

  10. Chapter 10 Text

    Fonts and Font Descriptors

    Attributed Strings


    Text Fields

    Text Views

    Text Kit

  11. Chapter 11 Web Views


    Safari View Controller

    Developing Web View Content

  12. Chapter 12 Controls and Other Views







    Tint Color

    Appearance Proxy

  13. Chapter 13 Modal Dialogs

    Alerts and Action Sheets

    Quick Actions

    Local Notifications

    Today Extensions

    Activity Views

  14. Chapter 14 Audio

    System Sounds

    Audio Session

    Audio Player

    Remote Control of Your Sound

    Playing Sound in the Background


    MIDI Playback

    Text to Speech

    Speech to Text

    Further Topics in Sound

  15. Chapter 15 Video


    Introducing AV Foundation


  16. Chapter 16 Music Library

    Music Library Authorization

    Exploring the Music Library

    Music Player


    Playing Songs with AV Foundation

    Media Picker

  17. Chapter 17 Photo Library and Camera

    Browsing with UIImagePickerController

    Photos Framework

    Using the Camera

  18. Chapter 18 Contacts

    Contact Classes

    Fetching Contact Information

    Saving Contact Information

    Contact Sorting, Groups, and Containers

    Contacts Interface

  19. Chapter 19 Calendar

    Calendar Database Contents

    Creating Calendars, Events, and Reminders

    Fetching Events and Reminders

    Calendar Interface

  20. Chapter 20 Maps

    Displaying a Map



    Map Kit and Current Location

    Communicating with the Maps App

    Geocoding, Searching, and Directions

  21. Chapter 21 Sensors

    Core Location

    Acceleration, Attitude, and Activity

  22. Chapter 22 Persistent Storage

    The Sandbox

    User Defaults

    Simple Sharing and Previewing of Files

    Document Architecture




    Core Data


    Image Files

  23. Chapter 23 Basic Networking

    HTTP Requests

    On-Demand Resources

    In-App Purchases

  24. Chapter 24 Threads

    Main Thread

    Background Threads

    Why Threading Is Hard

    Blocking the Main Thread

    Manual Threading


    Grand Central Dispatch

    Threads and App Backgrounding

  25. Chapter 25 Undo

    Target–Action Undo

    Undo Grouping

    Functional Undo

    Undo Interface

  26. Appendix A Application Lifetime Events

    Application States

    App Delegate Events

    App Lifetime Scenarios

    Lifetime Event Timing

  27. Appendix B Some Useful Utility Functions

    Launch Without Main Storyboard

    Core Graphics Initializers

    Center of a CGRect

    Adjust a CGSize

    Delayed Performance

    Dictionary of Views

    Constraint Priority Arithmetic

    Constraint Issues

    Configure a Value Class at Point of Use

    Finite Repetition of an Animation

    Remove Multiple Indexes from an Array

  28. Appendix C How Asynchronous Works