Suits and Spooks New York 2013: Complete Video Compilation
Attacks, Threats, and Defense in Cyberspace
By O'Reilly Media, Inc.
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Released: December 2013
Run time: 5 hours 57 minutes

Be a fly on the wall at Suits and Spooks, a genuinely unique technology event that helps unmask the cold realities of cyber conflict and espionage. If you missed the latest gathering in New York City in October 2013, you can still catch many of the eyebrow-raising sessions from the event with this complete video compilation.

Taia Global’s Suits and Spooks Collision event brings individuals from the the U.S. Intelligence Community together with innovators and executives from the private sector representing a wide variety of disciplines—technology, finance, entertainment and science—for two days of frank discussions, challenging perspectives, and collaborative problem-solving.

Here are some of the sessions included in this video package:

  • The Top 50 Non-state Hacker Groups in the World—Christopher Ahlberg (Co-Founder, CEO of RecordedFuture)
  • Out of the Mountains: a future of feral cities, urban systems under stress, and increasing overlaps between the real and virtual worlds—Dr. David Kilcullen (CEO of Caerus Associates)
  • IceFog: a Chinese Cyber Mercenary group discovered by Kasperky Lab researchers—Roel Schouwenberg (Sr. researcher, Kaspersky Labs)
  • Emerging Bad Actors in the Virtual and Physical Worlds—Panel discussion moderated by Jeffrey Carr (Founder, CEO of Taia Global)
  • How to survive a surveillance-friendly environment—Mike Janke (Co-founder, CEO of Silent Circle)
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