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Table of Contents

Chapter: Exploring Yii

Introduction to the Course

02m 28s

What Is a Framework?

03m 35s

What Is an MVC?

03m 29s

MVC Request Routing

03m 20s

Introducing Yii

03m 21s

Chapter: Getting Started with Yii

Getting Started with Yii

03m 14s

Generating a Web Application with Yii

04m 26s

Configuring Yii

04m 17s

Developing a Photo Gallery Application

03m 23s

Using Gii to Generate the CRUD Application

03m 53s

Chapter: Starting Development (Using our IDE)

Introducing the CActiveRecord Object

04m 10s

Forms and the CHtml Component

03m 45s

Using Third-party Extensions to Enhance Functionality

04m 28s

Simplifying Database Queries Using Yii's ActiveRecord Class

04m 16s

Creating and Updating Our Album Model

04m 16s

Embedding a Subform

04m 13s

Chapter: Testing Your Application

Testing Our Application

03m 4s

Setting Up Our Test Environment

04m 13s

Creating a Unit Test to Automate the Testing of Common Tasks

03m 38s

Using Fixtures

03m 36s

Functional Testing with Selenium Server

04m 6s

Chapter: The Photo Application

Installing Yii Extensions

03m 42s

Preparing the Forms and Inserting the Uploader Widget

03m 26s

Building a Controller Action to Upload and Crunch Our Images

03m 49s

Understanding the GridView and Customizing It's Layout

04m 23s

Adding Finishing Touches to the Photo Album Management Forms

04m 32s

Chapter: Themes, Layout, and User Access

Theming an Application

03m 57s

Modifying the Default System Layout to Modify the Menus

03m 45s

User Authentication The Default Yii Model

04m 2s

Extending the Yii User Model to Suit Our Application

04m 9s

Understanding the Yii Security Model

04m 21s

Chapter: Debugging, Logging, and Error Handling in Yii

Using Xdebug to Debug Your Applications in Real Time

05m 22s

Configuring Yii to Use Different Log Routes

04m 53s

Profiling SQL queries

04m 12s

Installing and Using the Yii Debug Toolbar Extension

04m 43s

Exception Handling in Yii Using the CException and CHttpException classes

04m 55s

Chapter: Customizing our Album Interface

Including Tags -Part 1

03m 34s

Including Tags Part 2 and Using Model Behaviors

03m 48s

Using Lookups and Dropdown-List Boxes

04m 27s

Adding the Comment Add and Display Forms

04m 59s

Deploying Our Photo Application

04m 41s