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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installing Magento

Preparing Your Server for Magento

06m 9s

Installing the Magento Software

10m 42s

Alternate Installation via the Command Line Prompt

03m 23s

Setting Up Multiple Storefronts

07m 37s

Chapter: Extending Magento

Setting Up Your Development Environment

05m 46s

Creating a Module

06m 19s

Creating a Frontend Controller

03m 26s

Creating Frontend Layouts

02m 59s

Creating Blocks and Templates

04m 36s

Chapter: Extending the Admin

Adding a Menu Item in the Admin

03m 28s

Adding System Configuration Fields

03m 36s

Creating Models

04m 26s

Writing Module Installation Scripts

03m 54s

Event-Handling and Observers

05m 27s

Chapter: Mastering the Admin

Building Forms

04m 36s

Processing Forms

02m 57s

Creating Grids

03m 18s

Editing Grid Items

08m 18s

Grid Mass Actions

05m 42s

Exporting Grid Data

04m 16s

Chapter: Programming the Catalog

Creating Custom Product Types

04m 38s

Adding Custom Product Attributes

04m 50s

Advanced Product Editing

06m 48s

Saving Your Product

05m 36s

Frontend Product View

05m 9s

Chapter: Programming the Shopping Cart

Cart Item Behavior - Part 1

05m 20s

Cart Item Behavior - Part 2

05m 28s

Controller Guest Checkout

02m 56s

Creating a Custom Payment Method

08m 6s

Adding a Step in the Checkout Process

09m 4s

Processing Orders

08m 37s

Chapter: Importing and Exporting Data

Introduction to the Dataflow

02m 14s

Advanced Dataflow Profiles

05m 40s

Writing Your Own Adapter

02m 59s

Importing Orders

06m 36s

Chapter: Advanced Techniques

Writing Shell Scripts

06m 1s

Bootstrapping Magento for External Applications

06m 21s

Debugging with Xdebug - Part 1

04m 54s

Debugging with Xdebug - Part 2

06m 5s

Debugging with Xdebug - Part 3

03m 59s