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Table of Contents

Chapter: Creating a Background Audio Controller

Creating a Background Music Playlist System

04m 36s

Implementing Collision-based Changes

05m 42s

Implementing Situational Changes

05m 44s

Chapter: Incorporating Sound Effects

Create Input-based Sound Effects

02m 55s

Implementing Environmental Sound Effects

05m 8s

Implementing Background Music

04m 52s

Chapter: How to make 2D Parallax Backgrounds

Create A Basic 2D Parallax Background

03m 24s

Implement Basic Character Movement into the Background

04m 40s

Create an Advanced 2D Parallax Background

06m 33s

Chapter: How to make 3D Parallax Backgrounds

Create the 3D Parallax

01m 35s

Implement Character Controls Part 1

03m 47s

Implement Character Controls Part 2

03m 19s

Chapter: Creating an Enemy Character Controller

Create Character States

04m 0s

Create Character Animations

04m 45s

Test Character States and Animations

03m 46s

Chapter: Creating Enemy AI

Create Stationary Enemy AI

02m 50s

Create Patrolling Enemy AI

05m 49s

Implement Behaviors to the AI

06m 15s

Chapter: Creating Level Changing Systems

Create a Collision-based Level Changing System

03m 39s

Create a GUI-based Level Changing System

02m 59s

Create a Random Level Changing System

03m 14s

Chapter: Creating an Item Carry-Over System

Create PlayerPrefs for Items

02m 11s

Create Save System for PlayerPrefs

02m 52s

Create Load System for PlayerPrefs

05m 15s