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Table of Contents

Chapter: Quick Start

Installing the Zabbix Software Appliance

03m 53s

Brief Tour through the Web Interface

04m 53s

Exploring the Dashboard

05m 37s

Chapter: Zabbix Server Installation

Software Components

04m 59s

Zabbix Server Installation

04m 41s

Web Interface Preparation

04m 14s

Chapter: Getting Your First Notification

Installing the Zabbix Agent on the Server

05m 36s

Adding an Item

04m 56s

Adding a Trigger

04m 3s

Adding an Action to Send an E-mail

04m 47s

Chapter: Hosts and Templates


05m 28s

Automatic Host Discovery

05m 13s


06m 14s

Maintenance Periods

04m 15s

Chapter: Items

Item Parameters Explained

06m 52s

Filtering Items

03m 52s

Item History and Ad hoc Graphs

03m 16s

Adding Items Using UserParameters

04m 53s

Automatic Item Discovery

06m 9s

User Macros

03m 29s

Chapter: Triggers, Actions, and Media


06m 4s

Trigger Dependencies

04m 0s


04m 11s

Remote Commands

03m 29s

Escalations and Acknowledgments

04m 59s

Media Types

03m 30s

Chapter: Users, Screens, and Maps

User Management

06m 20s

User Access Permissions

02m 50s


06m 55s


09m 6s

Displaying Data in Maps

04m 45s