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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing plot functions


02m 2s

Generating a basic plot with titles

03m 8s

Putting legends and setting margins

03m 53s

Putting texts and mathematical expressions to the plot

02m 29s

Symbols and colors in the plot

03m 15s

Saving the plots in various formats

02m 22s

Chapter: Further control over plot function

Controlling axes and boxes

02m 24s

Controlling layouts and splits

02m 36s

Controlling the color of plot elements

02m 12s

Controlling line patterns and width

02m 13s

Controlling texts of plot elements

02m 36s

Chapter: Plots for categorical variables

Pie chart for one variable

02m 38s

Bar chart or Pareto chart for one variable

02m 15s

Bar chart for more than one variable

02m 4s

Labeling the pie and bar charts

02m 28s

Dot charts

02m 7s

Chapter: Plots for continuous variables

Stem-and-leaf plots

03m 0s

Histogram, comparison, and handling bins

02m 53s

Density, rug representation, and overlay plots

02m 22s

Boxplots and parameters

02m 14s

Side-by-side boxplots and parameters

03m 7s

Chapter: Bivariate plot for two continuous variables

Scatter plots and parameters

02m 31s

Adding straight lines and jitter points

02m 28s

Adding model summaries in the plot

03m 45s

Sub-grouping in a scatter plot

03m 35s

Conditioning plots

01m 32s

Chapter: Time series plots

Plotting basic line graphs using a function

03m 16s

Default time series plots

04m 20s

Plotting date and time variables

02m 1s

Plotting trend

02m 11s

Setting appropriate time axes

01m 59s

Chapter: Visualizing contour plots and three-dimensional plots

Drawing contour plots in base package

02m 0s

Drawing contour plots in Lattice

01m 45s

Drawing surfaceplot using base graphics

01m 49s

Drawing surfaceplot using Lattice

04m 12s

Drawing an interactive 3D plot

02m 11s

Chapter: Miscellaneous topics

Creating maps

04m 24s

Interactive options

04m 47s

R commander

03m 30s

Trees and clustering

02m 42s

RStudio interface for graphics

04m 4s