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Table of Contents

Chapter: Component Development- Part I

Getting Started with Component Development

03m 26s

Adding a Database to the Component

02m 59s

Displaying Dynamic Data on the Site using the Model-View-Controller

02m 59s

Adding an Item View

03m 0s

Language and Menu Item Type

02m 54s

Chapter: Component Development - Part 2

Adding a Form to the Admin Component

02m 56s

Add Save and Close Buttons to the Admin Component

03m 18s

Adding New and Delete Buttons to the list view

02m 53s

Adding Categories to the Component

03m 7s

Adding Categories to the Site Component

03m 41s

Chapter: Component Development - Part 3

Adding Standard Fields to the Component

03m 39s

Applying the Publishing Options and Metadata

03m 1s

Joomla! Router for SEF URLs

03m 2s

Adding and Using the Publish Field

02m 46s

Adding a Print and Email Option and RSS Feed to the Component

03m 15s

Chapter: Module Development

Basic Bare-Bones Module

03m 6s

Standard Form Field Types

03m 15s

Output Form Field Data

02m 56s

Form Fields for Module Layout and SQL

03m 1s

Custom Field Type

03m 5s

Chapter: Plugins and Languages

Building a Content Plugin

03m 8s

Building An Editor Button

02m 44s

Building a Search Plugin

03m 3s

Building a Smart Search Plugin

03m 29s

Process Content Plugins

02m 54s

Chapter: Component Development and Configuration

Component Configuration Options

03m 6s

Menu Item Options

02m 38s

Enabling Joomla!'s Access Control List (ACL)

03m 12s

Batch Processing

03m 11s

Frontend Editing

03m 33s

Chapter: Template Development

The Basic Template

02m 57s

Adding Module Positions

02m 34s