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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Advanced Penetration Testing

What Is Advanced Penetration Testing?

03m 36s

Installing VirtualBox

04m 42s

Installing BackTrack 5 R3

04m 25s

Installing Metasploitable

02m 47s

Set up BackTrack 5 R3

04m 12s

Chapter: Advanced Footprinting

What Is Footprinting?

03m 4s

Using Nslookup and Dig

04m 13s

Using Tracert and Traceroute

04m 35s

Using Paterva Maltego

04m 47s

Google Dorks and Social Engineering

05m 16s

Chapter: Enumeration: Getting to Know Your Target

What Is Enumeration?

02m 32s

Using Nmap and Zenmap

06m 7s

Using SNMPenu and SNMPwalk

04m 51s

Banner Grabbing with Netcat

03m 36s

Searching for Exploits

03m 30s

Chapter: Exploitation Applications: Getting to Know Your Tools

What Is Exploitation?

04m 18s

Installing the Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

04m 21s

Using the Nessus Vulnerability Scanner-Part 1

04m 52s

Installing and Updating the Metasploit Framework

02m 57s

Using the Metasploit Framework

07m 32s

Chapter: Gaining Physical Access

How Do Hackers Break into a Local System?

03m 27s

Breaking into Windows 7-Part 1

02m 48s

Breaking into Windows 7-Part 2

03m 0s

Breaking into Windows 7-Part 3

04m 31s

Breaking into Windows 7-Part 4

02m 28s

Chapter: Exploiting a Client-side Target

How Do Hackers Break into a Remote System?

05m 27s

Using the Social Engineering Toolkit

04m 0s

Using the Nessus Vulnerability Scanner-Part 2

05m 14s

Exploiting Windows 7

05m 4s

Exploiting Metasploitable

05m 42s

Chapter: Bypassing Web Filters, Firewalls, and IDS

Evading Web Filters, Firewalls, and IDSes

05m 38s

Bypassing Web Filters-Part 1

05m 21s

Bypassing Web Filters-Part 2

03m 39s

Stealth Scanning-Part 1

02m 32s

Stealth Scanning-Part 2

04m 49s

Chapter: Writing a Penetration Testing Report

Why Is It So Important to Write a Report?

04m 28s

What Should Be In the Report?

03m 55s

Writing a Report

04m 43s

Turning In the Report

03m 14s

Final Statement from the Author

04m 26s