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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installing and Setting Up the CryENGINE 3 SDK

Download and Unpack the CryENGINE 3 SDK

05m 32s

Open the CryENGINE 3 SDK for the First Time

03m 18s

Other Tools That You Will Need

02m 30s

Chapter: Creating Your First Level

Setting Up Your Landmass

04m 59s

Detailing the Terrain Mass

09m 4s

Painting and Texturing the Terrain

07m 13s

Adding Your Plants and Flora

06m 49s

Setting Up Time Of Day (TOD) and skies

04m 29s

Chapter: Working with Models

Working with Basic Models

04m 21s

Importing Custom Models

02m 43s

Manipulating Entities inside the Engine

03m 32s

Setting Up Simple Animations

03m 36s

Chapter: Creating Materials and Textures

The Difference between a Material and a Texture

02m 34s

Creating Materials for Use In-game

03m 20s

Setting Up Textures, bumpmaps, spec maps

02m 42s

Setting Up Shaders for Your Materials

03m 12s

Advanced Material Settings

02m 20s

Chapter: Introduction to Flowgraphs

What a Flow Graph Is and How to Set One Up

03m 45s

Covering the Basics of the Flow Graph

04m 17s

Making Flow Graphs That Work with Your Model

02m 49s

Setting Up Events with Flow Graphs

03m 30s

Animation via Flow Graphs

05m 15s

Chapter: Implementing Particles and Lighting

What Is a Particle?

01m 34s

The Particle Editor

05m 37s

Creating Static (Nonmoving) Particles

03m 50s

Creating Animated Particles

07m 46s

Lighting with Particles

03m 52s

Chapter: Using Sound to Liven Up Your Level

Learn How to Set Up Your Musical Score

04m 28s

Linking Sound Effects with Events

03m 21s

Creating Ambient Noise

03m 44s

Chapter: Packing It All Up and Playing


02m 52s

Optimizing Your Level for Best Performance

02m 43s

Packing and Playing

02m 44s