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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting Up a New Course

Selecting Moodle for Professional Development

01m 18s

Selecting Moodle Hosting

01m 0s

Turning Editing On and Off

01m 9s

Adding a New Course

01m 25s

Setting Up Units and Course Organization

01m 36s

Adding Topics

01m 19s

Editing Unit Names

01m 35s

Incorporating Learning Objectives

01m 14s

Following Bloom's Taxonomy

02m 2s

Finalizing Topics and Planning Content

01m 19s

Moodle Docs

01m 24s

Chapter: Preparing Modules

Review of Icons in Moodle

01m 28s

Adding Activities

01m 46s

Adding Discussion Board

01m 2s

Adding Links to the Course Content Using Material from DOAJ

01m 40s

Adding Video Content from YouTube

02m 22s

Adding Photos and Graphics from Flickr

02m 12s

Modifying Links to the URL

01m 42s

Adding Audio Resources

03m 12s

Chapter: Types of Course Content

Types of Content

02m 3s

Sources of Audio

01m 35s

Sources of Video YouTube Versus Ustream

01m 33s


02m 7s


01m 56s

Chapter: Establishing Conditions for Learning

Establishing Conditions for Learning

01m 20s

Engaging With Personal Experience

01m 30s

Engaging With Choice

02m 27s

Engage Using Quiz With feedback

02m 11s

Size Your graphics

02m 5s

Chapter: Basic Content


03m 28s

Adding Checklists

00m 46s

Adding Quiz With feedback for Check Your Knowledge and Assessments

02m 36s

Add a Lesson

04m 26s

Add a Quiz With Limited Access

01m 22s

Add a Calendar

01m 12s

Chapter: Assessment


01m 27s

Assessment Using Choice Activity

01m 37s

Assessment Using Quiz

01m 21s


03m 54s

Chapter: Boosting Collaboration

Adding Discussion Forums

01m 44s

Adding a Glossary

01m 20s

Adding a wiki

04m 42s

Expanding the wikis

02m 7s

Collaborating Synchronously Via Chat and Skype

02m 23s

Web Conferencing Big Blue Button

04m 49s

Chapter: Course Management

Course Management Registering Students

01m 23s


04m 38s

Enrolling Students in a Course

01m 26s

Issuing Certificates

01m 53s

Front Page and Appearance

03m 52s