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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to UAG

Introduction to UAG and what it does

03m 4s

Understanding UAG's System Requirements

02m 38s

Whats in the box (TMG, UAG, SQL Express, IIS)

02m 48s

Generic concepts and Terminology

03m 12s

Understanding the client components of UAG

02m 46s

Chapter: Trunks

Understanding Trunk Types

02m 37s

Introducing Authentication Repositories

02m 50s

Installing a new UAG Server

04m 6s

Creating an AD Authentication Repository

03m 3s

Portals and HTTP-HTTPS Redirect Trunks

02m 31s

Working with an Unauthenticated Trunk

02m 7s

Chapter: UAG in the Real World

Logging in and Using the Portal

02m 53s

Exploring the Client Support Matrix

02m 32s

Using UAG with Mobile Phones

03m 1s

Delving into the Issue of Domain Membership

02m 45s

The UAG Console and Trunk Configuration

02m 37s

What Can and Cannot be Done with TMG and IIS

02m 56s

Chapter: Publishing Simple Applications

Exploring Regular and Application-specific Apps

03m 41s

Publishing a SharePoint Server with UAG

02m 59s

Publishing Exchange Outlook Web Access

02m 47s

Publishing Outlook Anywhere with UAG

02m 48s

Publishing Lync Web Access with UAG

02m 29s

Chapter: Advanced Application Publishing

Publishing Generic Web Applications

02m 54s

Mixed Web and Non-web Components

03m 15s

Publishing Tunneled Applications using SSL-VPN

03m 20s

Using UAG as a VPN Server

02m 42s

Publishing VPN for Windows 7 Clients using SSTP

03m 17s

Publishing VPN for Windows Vista and XP Clients

02m 53s

Publishing Remote Desktop Access

03m 4s

Chapter: Enhanced Productivity with UAG

Managing Single Sign-on (SSO) for Applications

03m 20s

Understanding Endpoint Detection and Policies

03m 27s

Endpoint Policy Assignment and Management

03m 10s

Configuring Application Authorization

02m 52s

Chapter: Arrays

Understanding Arrays and Load Balancing Concepts

02m 51s

Learning how to Create an Array

03m 18s

Implementing Network Load Balancing

03m 1s

Chapter: Advanced Management

Managing Parameters for UAG Sessions

03m 16s

Monitoring User Sessions, Events and Errors

02m 47s

Performing a Backup or Restore of a UAG Server

02m 56s

Managing the URL Filtering Mechanism of UAG

03m 32s

Understanding Certificates for UAG Trunks

03m 14s