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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with OpenCV

Introduction to OpenCV

02m 5s

Installation on Linux

07m 11s

Installation on Windows

08m 9s

Chapter: OpenCV Basics

OpenCV Interfaces

02m 39s

C Interface Basics

06m 17s

C++ Interface Basics

05m 44s

Python Interface Basics

03m 33s

Drawing Shapes

05m 21s

Chapter: Image Processing

Blurring an Image

03m 2s

Understanding Image Morphology

05m 44s

Applying Geometric Transforms

02m 58s

Understanding Histograms

05m 54s

Chapter: Segmenting Images and Obtaining Interesting Points

Clustering data with k-means

06m 6s

Segementing an image using the watershed algorithm

06m 58s

Segementing an image using the grabcut algorithm

03m 24s

Finding and matching interesting points

04m 14s

Chapter: Computational Photography

Creating a panaroma

03m 18s

Removing unwanted objects

02m 17s

Enhancing low light photographs

01m 51s

Working with HDR images

03m 10s

Chapter: Recognizing Objects

Detecting shapes

03m 28s

Detecting faces

05m 13s

Detecting people

03m 43s

Training your own detector

07m 3s

Recognizing faces

05m 3s

Chapter: Calibration and Stereo Images

Calibrating your camera

04m 28s

Undistorting an Image

02m 22s

Projecting an Image

03m 18s

Understanding Stereo Images

06m 38s

Generating a Depth Map

04m 5s