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Table of Contents

Chapter: Section 1: Getting Started

Course Introduction

01m 55s

Installing the Tools

01m 28s

Our First Game

02m 22s

The Game Class

03m 11s

Chapter: Section 2: 2D Graphics

Loading Content

03m 16s

Drawing Sprites

04m 23s

Adding Movement

04m 18s

GameObject2D Class Part 1 - Scene Graph

02m 45s

GameObject2D Class Part 2 - Positioning

04m 27s

GameSprite Class

03m 2s

Chapter: Section 3: 3D Graphics

3D Coordinate System And Matrices

02m 31s

Drawing Models

04m 35s

Mixing 2D and 3D

01m 27s

GameObject3D Class

04m 33s

GameModel Class

05m 37s

GameAnimatedModel Class

05m 37s

Chapter: Section 4: Input

Input Test Scene

03m 25s

Mouse Input

06m 21s

Keyboard Input

03m 42s

Gamepad Input

06m 37s

Input Manager

07m 49s

Chapter: Section 5: Sound

Playing Sound

03m 51s

Playing 3D Sound

02m 14s

Playing Songs

02m 4s

Chapter: Section 6: Framework - Extended

Game Scene

07m 18s

Hit Detection

05m 50s

Main Menu

06m 10s

Scene Manager

06m 10s

Chapter: Section 7: The Game


06m 7s

The GridElement

05m 33s

The Block

06m 18s

The Receiver

05m 23s

The Trigger

06m 20s

The Prop

02m 0s

Chapter: Section 8: The Game Continued

Building The Level

07m 57s

The Hero - Part 1

08m 12s

The Hero - Part 2

07m 13s

Trigger, Finish and Reset

03m 38s

The Finishing Touch

04m 39s

The Level Builder

04m 32s