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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


02m 32s

Chapter: Getting Started

Requirements for Setting Up Your Wireless Lab

07m 53s

Setting Up BackTrack (Download and Installation)

03m 27s

Setting Up Your Wireless Access Points (APs) and Clients

01m 42s

Chapter: Wireless Networks – Rewards and Risks

WLAN Theory Essentials

10m 36s

An Introduction to Wireless Frames

13m 35s

An Introduction to aircrack-ng

04m 57s

Capturing and Deciphering Wireless Frames

06m 1s

Chapter: WLAN Authentication – Getting Past Invisible Barriers

An Introduction to Wireless Authentication Protocols

09m 18s

Revealing Hidden SSIDs

05m 44s

Getting Past Open Authentication by Defeating MAC Filters

04m 56s

Bypassing Shared Key Authentication (SKA)

06m 27s

Chapter: Exploiting WLAN Encryption Flaws

A Introduction to Wireless Encryption Protocols

09m 3s

Cracking WEP Encryption

06m 59s

Cracking WPA/WPA2 Pre-shared Keys

07m 37s

Connecting to Compromised Networks

05m 17s

Chapter: WLAN Infrastructure – Threats and Countermeasures

Exploiting Default Credentials

04m 7s

Denial-of-service (DoS) Attacks

05m 34s

Attacking WPS

04m 53s

Evil Twin Attack and Honeypots

05m 21s

Chapter: Advanced Client-Based Wi-Fi Attacks

An Introduction to Client-based Attacks

10m 3s

Attacking Clients using Honeypots

02m 5s

Hands-on Demonstration: Caffé Latte Attack

02m 11s

Hands-on Demonstration: Hirte Attack

01m 50s

Cracking WPA without and AP

04m 1s

Chapter: WLAN Security – Taking it One Step Further

An Introduction to Man-in-the-middle (MITM) Attacks

05m 39s

Essential Steps: Wireless MITM Attacks

06m 21s

Eavesdropping and Session Hijacking

04m 46s

Detecting Client Security Settings

04m 45s

Chapter: Enterprise Wireless Hacking

Setting Up FreeRADIUS-WPE

05m 40s

Hands-on Demonstration: Cracking PEAP

04m 31s

Hands-on Demonstration: Cracking EAP-TTLS

03m 33s

Security Best Practices for Enterprise WLANs

04m 59s

Chapter: WLAN Penetration Testing – Doing it Effectively!

WLAN Pen-Testing Doing it Effectively

05m 19s

Course Conclusion

04m 21s