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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Course Overview

03m 5s

What is Moodle?

04m 17s

Navigating Moodle

02m 26s

Hosting and Installation Options

03m 22s

Chapter: Setting Up Your Site

Site Administration Settings

04m 43s

Turning Editing On

02m 52s

Setting Up the Front Page

04m 18s


03m 46s

Giving Users Access

06m 33s

Chapter: Creating Courses

Course Categories

04m 8s

Course Sites

05m 6s

Editing Course Sites

03m 52s

Enrolling Users

04m 28s

Chapter: Adding Static Course Material

Links to Files or Websites

05m 41s

File Repositories

04m 37s

Composing Web Pages

05m 43s

Creating Books

05m 18s

Chapter: Adding Interactive Course Material

Creating Quizzes

06m 38s

Creating Lessons

07m 26s


05m 3s


05m 24s

Chapter: Adding Social Activities


05m 35s


03m 39s


04m 22s


08m 7s

Chapter: Evaluating Students

The Gradebook

06m 25s

Course Completion

07m 51s

Activity Reports

05m 40s

Chapter: Extras

Plugins Overview

04m 2s

Themes Overview

05m 37s

Backup and Restore Courses

06m 27s