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Table of Contents

Chapter: Learning How Unity Thinks

Understanding Unity UI

04m 15s

Unity 3D Project Structure

02m 33s

Game Objects and Components

02m 38s

MonoDevelop Explained

03m 57s

Creating your first Component

02m 56s

Pro-Tips: Understanding A MonoBehavior

03m 57s

Chapter: Building a Scene

Creating and Loading a Scene

02m 56s

Building and Manipulating GameObjects

01m 55s

Adding Components to GameObjects

03m 1s

Building and Using Prefabs

03m 13s

Pro-Tips: Understanding Unity Cameras

02m 32s

Chapter: Scripting Interactivity

Component Basics

04m 22s

Useful pre-built components

03m 52s

Trapping Player Input

02m 4s

Communicating Between Game Objects

04m 59s

Pro-tips: Building a Messaging System

03m 7s

Chapter: Sound and Music

Unity Audio Basics

04m 34s

Building and Playing Game Music

01m 54s

Adding 3D Audio to the world - Controlling Audio Sources

02m 32s

Pump Up the Volume - Setting Volume and controlling Music Playback

03m 9s

Pro-Tips: Saving Player Preferences

02m 51s

Chapter: Building UI

Unity GUI Basics

04m 25s

Skinning your GUI

09m 27s

Game Experience as GUI

05m 1s

Game Experience as GUIScore and Time Displays

03m 58s

Pro-Tips: Pausing and Ending a Game Round

04m 17s

Chapter: Finishing the Game - Title Screens and Menus

Building a Title Screen

03m 48s

Building the Main Menu

03m 40s

Pro-Tips: Create a Pause Menu by Reusing your Work

02m 54s

Chapter: High Score (Saving and Loading)

Tracking Player Score in Your Game

05m 55s

Building the High Scores List

01m 39s

Displaying High Scores from the Main Menu

04m 59s

Pro-Tips: Building your Finished Game

03m 32s

Chapter: Where to Go from here

Extending Your Work - Expand Score into Combo Scoring

04m 31s

Where to Go From Here The Unity Community

02m 55s

Where to Go From Here Unity 3D Pro

03m 53s

Where to Go From Here Porting to Android

06m 21s

Pro-Tips: Publishing Your Finished Game

06m 27s