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Table of Contents

Chapter: Logging In and User Customization

Logging In: Remember User and Company

03m 40s

Customizing the Home Page

04m 14s

Visual Cues for Reminders

02m 4s

Creating Shortcuts to Windows and External Applications

02m 33s

User Preferences [3:01]

02m 48s

Chapter: Enquiring & SmartLists

Account Rollup Enquiry

03m 12s


04m 15s

Undocumented SmartList Search

02m 28s

Letter Writing Assistant

02m 36s

Navigation Lists

03m 24s

Chapter: Reporting

Standard Reports and Reporting Groups

03m 26s

Managing reports with My Reports

02m 15s

Excel and SSRS Reports

04m 3s

Reconcile to GL

03m 13s

Chapter: Keeping Data Tidy

Reactivating Account Segment warnings and using proper names

02m 37s

Utilizing Allow Account Entry and Account Aliases

02m 29s

Using Budget Passwords (and how to reset a forgotten password)

02m 48s

Correcting posting errors in the GL using Back Out and Correcting Journals

03m 29s

Making sure all Purchase Orders are closed

02m 2s

Chapter: Speeding Data Entry and Reducing Entry Errors

Using Window and Record Notes

04m 14s

Using Named and Unnamed Comments

02m 55s

Using Quick & Recurring Journals

04m 17s

Combining Budgets

02m 47s

Updating the chart of accounts using Mass Modify

02m 34s

Chapter: Speeding Data Entry and Reducing Entry Errors 2

Copying Purchase and Sales Orders

03m 30s

Transferring multiple Sales Orders to Invoice

02m 27s

Adding Sales Commitments to POs

03m 7s

Preventing the sale of discontinued items

02m 26s

Chapter: System Maintenance

Resolving problems with Check Links and Reconcile

03m 22s

Backing up databases

02m 42s

ODBC and CNAME Aliases

02m 44s

Resetting lost DYNSA and System Passwords

02m 48s

Copying Live Company to Test on a schedule using SQL Server Agent

04m 31s

Maintaining dictionaries

03m 23s

Deploying Service Packs with Client Update

01m 50s

Chapter: Professional Services Tools Library

Professional Services Tools Library Overview

04m 0s

Database Disabler

01m 34s

Copy data to a new company

03m 2s

Master Triggers

03m 31s

Account, Vendor, Customer, Item and Site Combiners

03m 20s