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Table of Contents

Chapter: Dashboard Outputs and Inputs

Beginning with the End in Mind

03m 51s

Empowering your Audience

05m 11s

Connecting to MS Access

03m 10s

Connecting to MS SQL Server

02m 33s

Using Data in your Excel Sheet

02m 14s

Chapter: Working with Pivot Tables

Importing Data into PowerPivot

03m 20s

Adding Data from Excel to PowerPivot

02m 26s

PowerPivot Relationships and Hierarchy

02m 49s

Creating Calculated Fields

04m 15s

Implementing KPIs

03m 17s

Chapter: Constructing Your Framework

Constructing PivotTables (part 1)

05m 7s

Constructing PivotTables (part 2)

04m 36s

PivotTable Formatting and Options

04m 15s

PivotTable Design and Layout

04m 7s

Adding a Calculated Field and KPI

04m 1s

Chapter: Stylizing Your Data

Creating a PivotChart

03m 32s

Customizing a PivotChart

03m 5s

Creating a Combo Chart

04m 55s

Customizing a Combo Chart

05m 41s

Creating Text-Highlight Cells

03m 44s

Chapter: Adding Interactivity

Formatting the Dashboard Sheet

05m 17s

Referencing a PivotTable

04m 47s

Conditional Formatting

04m 7s

Implementing Sparklines

02m 52s

Enhancing Sparklines Using Named Ranges

08m 0s

Chapter: Utilizing Power Pivot

Implementing Slicers

03m 42s

Customizing Slicers

04m 42s

Employing Timelines

05m 15s

Utilizing Hyperlinks

03m 8s

Chapter: Implementing Power View

Creating a Power View

03m 46s

Adding Drill-Downs in Power View

02m 48s

Using Filters in Power View

03m 37s

Implementing Tiles in Power View

02m 35s

Visualizing Multiples in Power View

03m 2s

Chapter: Publishing Your Dashboard

Cleaning Up & Locking Down

06m 32s

Backwards Compatibility and SharePoint Distribution

03m 8s

Sharing on Microsoft SkyDrive

04m 57s

Publishing on Office 365 SharePoint

03m 47s

Printing and Exporting to PDF

04m 33s