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Table of Contents

Chapter: Adobe Captivate 6 Fundamentals

Introduction to the Course

03m 27s

eLearning Concepts and Planning

06m 40s

Gobal Settings and Welcome Screen

06m 5s

Explore the Captivate Interface

03m 31s

Customizing the Workspace

05m 7s

Opening, Saving, and Closing Files

03m 26s

Create a PowerPoint and Image Project

05m 10s

Chapter: Adding and Managing Slides

Inserting New Slides

04m 3s

Slide Properties

04m 27s

Managing Slides

03m 35s

Themes and Master Slides

04m 42s

Chapter: Adding Content using Standard Objects

Working with Captions

04m 50s

Working with Images

03m 22s

Working with Characters and Photoshop Files

03m 43s

Working with Smart Shapes

03m 33s

Adding Animation

02m 59s

Adding Highlight Boxes and Zoom Areas

03m 5s

Chapter: Managing Objects and Assets

Common Object Properties

05m 25s

Managing Objects

03m 1s

Working with the Timeline

04m 14s

Using the Library

03m 19s

Creating Styles and Effects

03m 25s

Chapter: Inserting Actions and Interactions

Inserting Rollover Objects

03m 45s

Smart Interactions and Widgets

02m 56s

Action Types

03m 29s

Adding Actions

04m 17s

Working with Quiz Questions

04m 37s

Chapter: Working with Simulations and Video

Preparing a Software Simulation

05m 58s

Recording Preferences

04m 28s

Editing a Software Simulation

03m 41s

Using High-Definition Video

04m 13s

Chapter: Using Audio

Importing Audio

03m 35s

Recording Audio

03m 42s

Editing Audio

03m 30s

Using Text-to-Speech and Closed Captions

03m 44s

Chapter: Publishing Finished Projects

Skin Editor

03m 42s

Table of Contents

03m 13s

Project Settings

03m 54s

Reporting and Tracking

03m 30s

Publishing Options

03m 1s

Other Publishing Options and Summary

02m 1s