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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation, Configuration, and Architecture of Cognos 10 BI

Downloading Cognos Installer

01m 52s

Installing Cognos 10 BI Developer Edition

03m 32s

Components and Architecture of Cognos 10 BI

03m 19s

Cognos Configuration and Starting Services

04m 7s

Connection Portal

03m 59s

Chapter: Creating Simple and Advanced List Reports

Creating a Simple List Report

03m 24s

Adding Data Formatting, Grouping, and Sorting Features

03m 35s

Applying Simple to Advanced Conditional Styles

02m 53s

Adding Page Breaks by Creating Sections

02m 35s

Examining Query Subjects and the Generated SQL

02m 14s

Chapter: Filters, Prompts, and Calculations

Adding Custom Calculations to a List

02m 46s

Filtering Data Using Detailed Filters

01m 48s

Parameterizing the Filter and Adding Prompts

02m 44s

Adding Query-driven Value Prompts

03m 41s

Changing the Prompt's Display Value in the Prompt Page

04m 24s

Chapter: Creating Simple to Advanced Crosstab Reports

Using Crosstab Reports to Show Orders against Cities and Products

04m 25s

Adding Crosstab Totals (Summary), Zero Suppression, and Date Range Prompts

03m 53s

Adding Additional Levels and Measures by Nesting Rows or Columns

03m 22s

Discontinuous Crosstabs

03m 17s

Overriding Cell Contents

04m 21s

Chapter: Using Graphs for Visual Presentation

Creating a Simple Chart Showing Sales over Countries and Product Lines

02m 45s

Projecting Multiple Measures on Charts, and Other Refinements

04m 4s

Nesting Items in a Chart, Filtering, and Some Other Properties

04m 35s

Chart inside a list & Master-Detailed Relationship

03m 58s

Enable Chart Properties and Create a 3D Bubble Chart

04m 18s

Chapter: Drill Through from a List Report to Another List Report

Creating a Drill-through from a List Report to Another

04m 49s

Passing Multiple Parameters into the Drill-through

04m 20s

Enabling Drill Up and Drill Down in Dimensional Models

04m 50s

Drill Through to Itself to Mimic Exporting to Excel or PDF

03m 17s

Conditional Drill-through Definitions

03m 37s

Chapter: Unleash the Power of Cognos with Macro, HTML items, and JavaScripts

Dynamically Changing Report Columns Using Macro Functions

05m 39s

Creating an E-mail Link Using an HTML Item

03m 5s

Linking to Google Maps Using the HYPERLINK Object

02m 18s

Using JavaScript to Manipulate a Value Prompt

03m 34s

Using JavaScript to Show or Hide Prompt Controls

03m 28s

Chapter: Best Practices and Tricks

Reusing Objects and Reducing Maintenance

04m 27s

Creating Report Templates

04m 0s

Horizontal Pagination and PDF Page Sizing

03m 0s

Displaying a NO DATA message

01m 48s

Adding Code Comments into Reports

02m 49s

Copying Reports & Version Controlling

03m 27s