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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Citrix XenApp 6.5

Introduction to Citrix XenApp 6.5

04m 58s

Understanding the License Server and Worker Servers

02m 44s

Getting familiar with the Web Interface, Data Collector, and the XML Server

02m 31s

Overview of the XenApp DataStore

03m 13s

Understanding Citrix Clients

02m 0s

Using the Access Gateway

02m 31s

Using the Citrix StoreFront

03m 11s

Chapter: Management Tools

Introduction to XenApp Management

04m 46s

Using the AppCenter Tools

02m 42s

Web Interface Management

04m 1s

The License Management Console

01m 32s

Other Useful XenApp Management Tools

03m 15s

Chapter: Introduction to Publishing Resources

Introduction to Publishing Resources

01m 10s

Hosted Applications

02m 52s

Streamed Applications

03m 32s

Content Publishing

02m 38s

Publishing a Desktop

02m 11s

Chapter: Streamed Applications

Introduction to Application Streaming

04m 16s

Streaming Requirements

03m 37s

Streaming Components

01m 59s

Streaming Clients

02m 29s

Chapter: Introduction to Policies

Introduction to Policies

03m 7s

Policy Best Practices

02m 49s

Policy Creation

02m 45s

Printing in XenApp

02m 45s

Printing and Printing Drivers

03m 17s

Chapter: Introduction to HDX Multimedia

HDX Technologies

02m 58s


02m 42s

HDX 3D Graphics & Audio

02m 42s

HDX MediaStream Multimedia

02m 49s

HDX MediaStream Flash

03m 34s

Chapter: Monitoring

Monitoring XenApp

02m 13s

Managing XenApp

01m 36s

Viewing XenApp

01m 43s

Customizing XenApp

01m 29s

Optimizing XenApp

02m 2s

Chapter: Introduction to Scripting

Introduction to Scripting

02m 17s

Using Scripts in XenApp

02m 14s

Introduction to Virtualization

02m 18s

Introduction to XenApp in the Cloud

03m 46s

Troubleshooting XenApp

01m 51s