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Table of Contents

Chapter: XNA Graphics Overview

XNA Graphics Profile

03m 2s

XNA Concepts

02m 43s

XNA Graphics Pipeline

03m 0s

XNA Graphics Helper Code

03m 48s

Chapter: Game Components

Creating a Base Camera

06m 28s

Creating a Camera Manager

06m 10s

Creating a Free Camera

05m 23s

Chapter: Graphics and Debugging Components

Creating Tool Code

02m 4s

Adding a Gimbal and Debug Rendering Capabilities

03m 22s

Adding a Frame Rate Counter and a Reference Plane

06m 16s

Using Preprocessor Directives

02m 5s

Chapter: Creating Advanced Cameras

Introduction to Cameras

02m 4s

Creating an Orthographic Camera

02m 15s

Creating a Chase Camera

02m 56s

Creating a First-person Camera

03m 5s

Creating a Third-person Camera

02m 48s

Chapter: Models

Loading and Drawing a Simple Model

05m 58s

Adding a Drawing Manager Component

02m 58s

Understanding Model Properties

03m 8s

Building an Instanced Model

03m 45s

Building a Model at Runtime

03m 55s

Chapter: Introducing Shaders and HLSL

Getting up to Speed with Shaders

03m 12s

Coding a High-level Shader Language Effect

04m 6s

Managing Shaders

03m 7s

Developing a Simple Shader

04m 58s

Choosing Shader Approaches

02m 27s

Chapter: Setting up Your First Scene

Incorporating the Microsoft Particle Sample

03m 51s

Setting up Your Scene

05m 14s

Adjusting Lights

06m 41s

Creating a Scene File and Loading it at Runtime

05m 31s

Debugging Metadata

05m 26s

Chapter: Deploying to Xbox and Windows Phone

Getting Ready for Deployment to Other Platforms

02m 54s

Deploying to the Windows Phone Emulator

02m 47s

Deploying to Xbox 360

02m 12s

Discussing Platform Features and the Kinect Sensor

02m 42s

Taking your Next Steps

03m 57s