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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with Solr

Goals of the Course

01m 55s

Solr and How It Works

06m 19s

Solr's Relative Strengths

05m 43s

Installing Solr

03m 11s

Chapter: Administration and Configuration

Learning about the Solr Admin

03m 46s

Learning about the Schema File

12m 40s

The Config File

05m 0s

Navigating the Schema Browser

02m 50s

Solr Statistics and Information

03m 7s

Chapter: Manipulating the Index

The Update Handler

03m 26s

Deleting and Updating Data

03m 51s

Configuring the Data Import Handler

04m 34s

Chapter: Querying The Index The Basics

Querying the Index Basic Query Syntax

06m 55s

The Anatomy of a Response

02m 59s

Additional Query Parameters

05m 7s

The Dismax Query Parser

04m 17s

Chapter: Understanding the Document Schema

Understanding Field Type Definitions

06m 18s

Analyzers and Filters

07m 33s

Understanding a Document Schema

08m 30s

Altering the Schema

03m 52s

Chapter: Configuring Solr

Understanding the Config File

09m 2s

Understanding Request Handlers

04m 33s

Default Request Handlers

08m 5s

Adding a Handler

03m 36s

Chapter: Solr in Practice a Use Case

Solr In Practice a Use Case

07m 46s

Solr In Practice Determining a Schema from Business Requirements

04m 26s

Solr In Practice Faceting

04m 52s

Solr In Practice MoreLikeThis

05m 22s

Chapter: Advanced Concepts

Advanced Solr Grouping

06m 56s

Advanced Solr Text Highlighting

04m 29s

Advanced Solr Spelling Suggest

05m 29s

Advanced Solr MoreLikeThis Tips and Tricks

06m 4s