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Table of Contents

Chapter: SQL Server Analysis Prerequisites

Analysis Services Architecture

03m 12s

Dimensional Modeling Concepts

03m 10s

Business needs That Are Best Served by Analysis Services

03m 13s

SQL Server Management Studio

03m 20s

Understanding SQL Server Data Tools

03m 20s

Chapter: An Introduction to Tabular Modeling

What Is a Tabular Model?

04m 27s

Key Glossary of Terms for Tabular Models

04m 22s

Relationships within a Tabular Model

03m 12s

Introduction to DAX

03m 10s

Calculated Columns versus Calculated Measures

03m 4s

Chapter: Tabular Modeling for Analysis

Creating Calculated Columns

03m 13s

Creating a Calculated Measure

03m 15s

Creating KPIs

03m 5s

Creating Partitions

05m 29s

Creating Hierarchies

04m 33s

Chapter: Tabular Modeling Management

Create Tabular Model Partitions and Hierarchies

03m 8s

Most Commonly Used DAX Expressions

03m 3s

Tabular Model Deployment Cached Mode

03m 10s

Tabular Model Deployment Production Mode

04m 1s

Tabular Model Backups

03m 28s

Chapter: Introduction to Multidimensional Modeling

Multidimensional Models and Their Best Uses

03m 8s

Multidimensional Model Types

02m 53s

Introduction to MDX

03m 7s

Advanced Use Cases of MDX

03m 34s

MDX versus DAX

03m 26s

Chapter: Multidimensional Modeling for Analysis

Creating Multidimensional Model Dimensions

03m 55s

Creating Multidimensional Model Calculations

03m 19s

Creating Multidimensional Model Key Performance Indicators

03m 11s

Creating Multidimensional Attributes

03m 32s

Creating Multidimensional Model Partitions

03m 40s

Chapter: Multidimensional Model Management

Multidimensional Measure Groups

03m 31s

Most Commonly Used MDX Expressions

03m 15s

Multidimensional Aggregation Designs

03m 40s

Multidimensional Model Process Options

03m 55s

Multidimensional Model Deployment Options

03m 21s

Chapter: Visualizing Your Analysis Services Data

Visualizing Tabular Model Data with Power View

03m 9s

Visualizing Multidimensional Model Data with SSRS

03m 4s

Using Excel to Expose Your Tabular Data

03m 50s

Using Excel to Expose Your Multidimensional Data

03m 34s

Data Visualization Principles

02m 59s