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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installing Drupal for Custom Module Development

Installing and Configuring MAMP

04m 14s

Installing and Configuring Aptana Studio editor

04m 54s

Installing and Configuring Drupal

05m 7s

Drupal Modules

03m 30s

Setting Up custom and contrib Modules Directory

04m 18s

Chapter: Introducing the Custom Facebook Feed Module

Preparing to Import Feeds

04m 5s

Creating the Feeds Importer

04m 55s

PHP Settings and Feeds Tamper

04m 38s

PHP Intro and Drupal Coding Standards

04m 23s

Creating the .info File

05m 6s

Creating the .module File

03m 14s

Understanding the Drupal API

03m 56s

Using the Devel Module

04m 45s

Using Devel Module to Inspect Page Variables

03m 46s

Chapter: Menu Callbacks & Permissions

Using the hook_menu Function

03m 29s


03m 30s

Using the hook_permission Function

05m 33s

Adding the File to Our Module

04m 39s

Chapter: Form API

Using the system_settings_form

03m 6s

Using the admin_settings_form and Checkboxes

02m 59s

Creating and Using Drupal Variables

03m 10s

Using the hook_validate Function

02m 56s

Using the hook_form_alter Function

05m 59s

Chapter: Connecting with the Database

Creating the .install File

04m 15s

Using the hook_schema Function Part 1

06m 33s

Using the hook_schema Function Part 2

05m 20s

Using the hook_uninstall Function

05m 23s

Using the hook_update Function

04m 24s

Chapter: Node Hooks and Database System

Adding Node Hooks Part 1

04m 18s

Adding Node Hooks Part 2

03m 21s

Database Queries Part 1

04m 4s

Database Queries Part 2

03m 5s

Database Abstraction Layer

04m 38s

Chapter: Block system and Theming

Understanding the hook_block_info Function

05m 16s

Understanding the hook_block_view Function

05m 6s

Understanding the block_contents custom Function

05m 41s

Theming the block Part 1

04m 14s

Theming the block Part 2

03m 38s

Chapter: Security, Performance and Testing of our Module

Drupal Module Security and Sanitization

03m 22s

Installing the Coder Module

05m 12s

Conducting a Simple Test Part 1

02m 56s

Conducting a Simple Test Part 2

05m 6s

Conducting a Simple Test Part 3

03m 57s