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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Play!

Current Problem: How Do We Build WebApps Now?

04m 19s

What Is Play!?

05m 52s

Play! in the Real World

03m 6s

Chapter: My First Web App

Creating a Play! Project

03m 43s

Creating the Models

03m 52s


03m 6s

Creating the Controllers

03m 22s

Using Forms

05m 2s

Making Templates

07m 3s

Let's Run the App

02m 43s

Chapter: Let's do some Testing

Let's Test Our Models

05m 37s

Are the Templates Working?

04m 0s

Let's Check the Controllers

04m 1s

Is It Routing?

03m 6s

Let's Test This End to End

04m 4s

Chapter: Let's Improve the App

Validating the Model

03m 43s

Creating Nested Actions

05m 40s

Securing Our App

05m 10s

Chapter: Let's Make the App Cooler

Let's Create a Custom 404 Page

04m 9s

Let's Internationalize the App

03m 14s

I Want to Use Twitter Bootstrap

08m 42s

Let's Deploy This

05m 48s

Chapter: I Love Modules

What Is a Module?

02m 36s

Creating a Module

04m 0s

Using the Module

04m 6s

Chapter: Hey, What About APIs?


02m 13s

Consuming JSON

05m 7s

Serving JSON

01m 59s

Using External WebServices

03m 52s

Using AsyncResult

04m 8s