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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Course Introduction

02m 34s

Exploring the UDK Installation Folder

03m 36s

Exploring UncodeX

02m 57s

Configure Notepad++ for UnrealScript

04m 24s

Compiling UnrealScript Source Code

05m 10s

Compiling UnrealScript Source Code Using the FrontEnd

04m 38s

Chapter: Understanding the Class Tree & Making Custom Classes

Getting Started at UnrealScript Game Development

03m 58s

The GameInfo Class

02m 59s

GameInfo Basics

03m 53s

Compiling GameInfo

02m 57s

Testing GameInfo

02m 38s

Appendix to Compiling

02m 2s

Chapter: Beginning a Power-Up Actor Class

Getting started with Actors

03m 16s

Integrating Actors into the Actor Classes Tab

03m 9s

Actors and Components

04m 13s

Using Editor Properties

03m 18s


01m 50s

Using the Content Browser to Help Code

02m 16s

Chapter: Refining the Power-Up Actor Class

Rotations in UnrealScript

04m 4s

Testing the Rotation Code in the UDK Editor

01m 49s

Collision Detection

03m 5s

Using Class States

03m 21s

Testing Class States

03m 25s

Chapter: Creating Game Logic with GameInfo

Starting to Code the Main Game Logic

03m 4s

Refining Game Logic with GameInfo

03m 35s

Tips and Tricks

04m 49s

Inter-object Communication

03m 18s

Testing the Game So Far

02m 54s

Chapter: Refining the Game with Exec Functions

Unreal Console

02m 58s

Exploring Console Commands on the UDN

03m 9s

Create New Console Commands

02m 58s

Testing New Console Commands

03m 19s

Review your Progress

02m 21s

Chapter: Customizing Kismet

Configuring the Level with Kismet and Matinee

03m 23s

Customize Kismet with UnrealScript

03m 49s

Testing the Kismet Node

02m 18s

Activating Kismet Nodes

05m 15s

Testing Kismet Functionality in the UDK Editor

02m 53s

Chapter: Moving Forward with Config Files

Config Files

03m 13s

Customize GameInfo with Config Files

03m 32s

Using the Config Keyword

02m 56s

Using Config Files to Customize Game Settings

03m 38s

Completing the Game

03m 41s