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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

Series Overview

03m 19s

Creating The Database & Installing the Sample Data

03m 11s

Setting File Permissions

03m 0s

Installing Magento

04m 22s

Post-Installation Configuration

06m 25s

Chapter: Setting Up Your Store

Admin Panel Introduction

01m 41s

Overview of Dashboard, Sales, and Customers

07m 35s

Overview of Promotions, Newsletter, CMS, and System

08m 27s

Configuration Menu

10m 28s

Creating Users and Roles

03m 10s

Changing Your Theme

02m 39s

Chapter: Attributes and Categories

Creating Categories

02m 51s

Modifying Categories and the Category Tree

06m 7s

Introduction to Attributes and Attribute Sets

03m 49s

Creating an Attribute

05m 21s

Creating Attribute Sets

03m 25s

Chapter: Creating Products

How to Create a Simple Product

10m 6s

Custom Product Options

05m 52s

Creating a Configurable Product

07m 21s

Grouped Product

03m 24s

Virtual Products

03m 22s

Bundle Products

05m 21s

Downloadable Products

05m 18s


02m 42s

Chapter: Customizing Your Store

Adding CMS Pages

05m 6s

Creating Static Blocks

04m 36s

Using Widgets

05m 13s

Adding Polls

02m 59s

Changing Page Layouts

01m 56s

Modifying Store e-mails

03m 33s

Chapter: Shipping, Tax and Accepting Payment

Setting Up Tax

04m 30s

Shipping Methods Overview

04m 2s

Table Rate Shipping

04m 23s

UPS Shipping

03m 26s


01m 55s

Introduction to Payment Methods

02m 39s

Setting Up PayPal Express

04m 14s

Chapter: The Order Process

Placing an Order

03m 21s

When an Order Has Been Placed

01m 57s

Managing Orders in the Backend

03m 36s

Modifying an Order

03m 8s

Creating an Invoice

02m 51s

Shipping an Order/Completing the Process

03m 39s

Chapter: Managing Your Store

Managing Customers and Customer Lists

04m 55s

Managing Search

07m 18s

Managing Ratings

02m 23s

Managing Reviews

03m 17s

Managing Tags

04m 41s