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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting Up Moodle for Mobile Learning

The Official MyMobile Theme

03m 46s

Third-party Responsive Themes

03m 25s

The Official MyMobile HTML5 App

03m 11s

Third-party Moodle Apps

03m 58s

Chapter: Content Delivery

Guide to Delivering Content for Mobiles

04m 18s

File Downloads

04m 17s


03m 43s

Photo and Video Sharing

04m 16s

My Private Files Area

03m 58s

Chapter: Mobile Learning Content Creation

SCORM e-learning Modules

03m 15s

LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability)

02m 54s

Xerte Online Toolkits

04m 13s


05m 42s

Chapter: Using Social Media in Moodle

Introduction to Social Media

03m 34s

Embedding Twitter Feeds in Moodle

03m 55s

Twitter hashtags

03m 39s

Using Facebook in Moodle

03m 32s

Chapter: Communication

Guide to Communication

02m 47s

Moodle Messaging

03m 26s

SMS Notifications

02m 38s

Group Forums

05m 45s

Chapter: Mobile Assessment

Guidelines for Delivering a Mobile Assessment

03m 32s

Quiz Setup

04m 19s

Quiz Design

05m 39s

Audio and Video Assignment

03m 50s

Audio Feedback

02m 41s

Chapter: Mobile Learning Activities to Use in the Classroom

Learning Walks Using Google Custom Maps

05m 19s

Use the Database Tool with Camera Phones

05m 28s

Using Audio with English Literature

03m 27s

Chapter: Tips and Tricks

QR Code

05m 20s

Moodle Feedback Activity

04m 22s

Fostering Reflective Learners through Mobile Blogs

05m 21s

Flipping the Classroom

03m 33s