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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to Apache Maven

03m 35s

Installing Apache Maven

03m 30s

Understanding the Maven Repository

03m 6s

Understanding the Maven Lifecycle

04m 16s

Understanding the Role of Plugins

04m 1s

Chapter: Dependencies

Introducing Maven Dependencies

02m 31s

Controlling Maven Classpaths

03m 6s

Maven and Transitive Dependencies

02m 59s

Managing Dependencies that All Projects Need Part 1

02m 34s

Managing Dependencies that All Projects Need Part 2

03m 13s

Chapter: Plugins

Introducing Maven Plugins

03m 24s

Adding Steps to a Maven Build

02m 59s

Code Generation

02m 52s

Managing Plugins with a Parent POM

03m 27s

Finding Available Plugins

03m 30s

Chapter: Controlling the Build

Maven Build Properties

03m 41s

Maven Profiles

02m 50s

Profile Activation via Properties

02m 52s

Profile Activation via Environment

03m 8s

User Settings, Profiles and Repositories

04m 43s

Chapter: The Project Website

The Basic Website and Reports

04m 13s

Using Report Plugins

03m 46s

Creating Custom Pages

04m 0s

FAQ (frequently asked question) Pages and Site Appearance

03m 9s

Deploying to a Web Server

03m 5s

Chapter: The Maven Release Process

Deploying to a Repository

03m 0s

Using Snapshots

03m 27s

Preparing for a Release

03m 19s

Releasing Maven Artifacts

02m 20s

Preparing for an Open Source Release

03m 29s

Publishing to Maven Central

03m 4s

Chapter: Multi-module Projects

Understanding the Multi-module Project

03m 37s

Incremental Building with Multiple Modules

02m 37s

Building a Website for a Multi-module project

03m 49s

Releasing the Multi-module Project

02m 38s

Chapter: Maven Tricks and Patterns

Invoking Ant from Maven

03m 46s

Accessing Maven Artifacts from Ant

02m 47s

Building a Simple Installer

05m 20s

Running Functional Tests

03m 16s

Disabling Default Plugin Bindings and Excluding Transitive Dependencies

04m 37s